Suan (garden) Wang Kaew is 11 kilometers east of Ban Phe and has more beaches and bungalows. Ko Thalu, across from Wang Kaew, is said to be good diving spot. Other resort areas along the Rayong coast include Laem Mae Phim and Hat Sai Thong. Hat Mae Rampeung, a 10 kilometer strip of sand between Ban Taphong and Ban Kon Ao (11 kilometer east of Rayong), is part of Laem Ya-Ko Samet National Park.




Rayong is located in the east coast of Thailand on the northern shoreline of the Gulf of Thailand, about 220 kilometers from Bangkok on Highway No. 3 or 179 kilometers on Highway No. 36 with its short-cut. Rayong blessed with its abundance of nature beauty. It has a well deserved reputation for producing seafood products such as shrimp paste, fish sauce and dried seafoods, and fine tropical fruits of which rambutan, mangosteen and durian are the most famous. Nearby beaches are fair and Ko Samet is a favorite island getaway for Bangkok resident. Except for Ko Samet this area receive very little foreigners. 




Both air and non air-conditioned buses leave from the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai). The trip takes 3 hours approximately. Non air-conditioned buses leave every 30 minutes, starting from 04.30-22.30 hrs. Fare is Baht 47 (Tel. 391-2504)  Air-conditioned buses leave every 40 minutes, starting from 05.00-22.00 hrs. Fare is baht 85 (Tel. 391-4990).


How to Get to Ban Phe and Ko Samet


For tourists who travel by public transport, should take Bangkok-Ban Phe Bus directly. Air-conditioned coach leaving Bangkok from the Eastern Bus Terminal, Sukhumvit Rd. every hour starting from 7.00 hr. onwards until 20.30 hrs. One way fare is B 90. There are also non air-conditioned buses leaving from the same station every hour from 06.00 hr. until 17.00 hrs. Bus fare is B 50. The trip takes about 3 hrs.p From Ban Phe, boats leave regularly for Ko Samet from 6.00-17.00 hrs and more frequently on Saturday and Sunday. It costs you around B 30 each. If travelling in-group, one can also charter a fishing boat at the cost of B 600-1,000 depending on the size of the boat.


Our long stretch of Private, white-sanded beaches should please any sun-worshippers, water sports enthusiasts and your family members. Meanwhile, nature lovers will no dough enjoy our natural forest and the 3-kilometre-long trail. Not a swimmer? Go for a leisure stroll, hop on a bike, or hike up our hills. As for your comfort, we offer the best of both worlds. Yu can either stay in one of our luxurious houses tucked away among lush foliage, or opt instead for one of the airy bungalows by the sea.